Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund

Chee Chee

October 8, 2020

Chee Chee is a friendly kitten that greeted  shelter staff each morning with paws  outstretched begging to be petted. This  sweet, playful kitten was seized from his  owner as he was not receiving adequate  care. He suffered from a fractured hip as  well as severe ear disease and there was  evidence of healed rib fractures.


September 25, 2019

Ellis is a beautiful young tuxedo cat who  fell out of his owner’s third story window  and broke his leg. Unable to provide for  his on-going care, Ellis’s owner surrendered  him and with the help of the Trust, his  fractured leg was treated. He is now living  with his foster family and doing very  well, spending his days napping, watching  hummingbirds, and cuddling. 

Ellis’s support was provided in honour of  the late Michael Weeks, former Executive  Director of the Vancouver SPCA and  dedicated cat lover. 



Kody is a four-year-old Bluetick Hound cross  who had a rough past, having had three homes  in his short life. This big, lovable boy had a  ruptured cruciate ligament in his knee that  needed surgery to repair it.  


Snazzy is a young orange tabby who immigrated  with her owners to Canada. Unfortunately,  due to the high cost of living in Vancouver her  guardians faced financial difficulties and the  family was unable to provide Snazzy with the  care she needed. When Snazzy was surrended  to the Vancouver SPCA, she had an upper  respiratory issue, in addition to a deformed leg  and being pregnant. 


Mud is a handsome Saint Bernard cross who  was found abandoned. When he arrived at the  shelter, he was nervous, malnourished and had  a variety of medical problems including skin  and ear infections, and two ruptured cranial  cruciate ligaments in his knees.