Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund


November 9, 2021

Zico, an adorable Shih Tzu cross, was living with an elderly woman who due to health issues was unable to continue to care for him. A friend of the family generously took him in, and while grooming him noticed swelling on his hind end. A subsequent examination revealed that Zico had a hernia. Zico’s guardian was able to contribute a portion of the cost of his surgery and the Trust covered the remainder.


One winter night, Buddy went missing from his home in the Cariboo. Luckily, he was found quickly. However, while lost Buddy suffered a severe injury to his right front paw from a bear trap. His guardian made the difficult choice to surrender him to the BC SPCA, where Buddy received care to try to save his leg. Ultimately, the decision was made that an amputation was in Buddy’s best interest.  


Elvis, a handsome and playful brown tabby kitten, was dropped off at a local emergency hospital by a good Samaritan who found him limping and in pain. After being transferred to the Vancouver shelter, he quickly received pain medication and x-rays revealed a damaged hip that required surgery.


Alaska was abandoned at an emergency veterinary clinic with severe medical conditions due to months of neglect. She was transferred to the BC SPCA and with the assistance of the Trust, Alaska’s medical issues were resolved, and she was spayed. Since receiving treatment, Alaska has been placed in a foster home where she has blossomed.


Jinx was brought to the Vancouver hospital with a broken front leg. The hospital was able to treat her leg, but the owner was unable to provide the consistent care the tabby needed while healing. Jinx was surrendered to the shelter, and further x rays revealed her leg was once again displaced. An amputation was the best option for Jinx’s long-term health.


Mittens, an elegant black cat, was brought to the hospital by her guardian because she was drooling heavily and not eating. Tests confirmed that her mouth was badly ulcerated, likely because she had swallowed something toxic. Mittens required a feeding tube until her mouth healed, and while under the general anesthetic, she was spayed.