Vancouver Hospital Trust Fund


November 16, 2018

Mollie, a Maltese Terrier cross, had a lump on her abdomen. The lump was removed and fortunately tests indicated that it was benign. The vet also noticed that Mollie had very bad teeth and a subsequent procedure extracted multiple teeth


Kiki is a pretty seven year old Calico cat who had a lump on her hip. The lump was found to be a malignant soft tissue tumour. The vet removed the tumour, which also required that Kiki’s tail be amputated.


Midnight is a shy and gentle black cat, who is a loved companion and valued support for his guardian. Midnight was unable to urinate due to a blockage, which can lead to infections and serious kidney problems. Midnight’s guardian, on a disability pension, said that she would be lost without him.


November 11, 2018

Max is a sweet tempered two-year old cat who had a noisy breathing problem. His guardian is on a permanent disability allowance and reached out to the Trust for help. An endoscopic exam determined that part of Max’s larynx was paralyzed, which can cause problems as food can enter the lungs.


November 6, 2018

Finnegan is a young (18 months) English Bulldog who was returned to the SPCA because it seemed he could not be house trained. However, when his current guardian brought him to the hospital to be neutered, a urinary problem was discovered. Finn had bladder stones. The stones were surgically removed and now Finn is fit as a fiddle